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Welcome to our hand-made fez leather tannery shop

If you are Interested in large amounts of hand-made leather goods products and other Moroccan traditional items, you are in the right hands. We are wholesalers of Hand-made leather products brought directly from high experienced Moroccan craftsmen and women. Generally, fez leather tannery shop products are made in an excellent quality.

Fez leather tanneryItems can be made from skin of goat, camel, ram, and cow. The leathers are naturally dyed by hand in the well-known tannery “Chouara” located in the city of Fes. We sell Leather goods to retail merchants in Souks, Bazaars, and stores throughout Morocco and worldwide. You will find leather in different sizes, and all shades and colors: brown, hot pink, lime green, red, blue, Purple, turquoise, and canary yellow to name a few.

moroccan leather shopIf you are a tourist, when you come to Morocco you should buy a pair of traditional slippers (Babouch). Babouch is a shoe or slipper that is open or closed at the heel, very comfortable, and produced in the traditional colors of White, Black, Red and Yellow in addition to the aforementioned colors.

They are hand-dyed and hand made. Also consider leather bags, and luggage, all of the same quality and workmanship. Not only are we wholesalers of real leather items, but we also offer a sourcing service. If you want something specific that is made in Morocco and not listed here, then we will help you to get it at the best quality and price.

In general, we offer Merchants dozens of Moroccan Leather products, Made in a high quality and by professional craftsmen. We sell leather products (shoes-coats-bags-pouffes…) to retail merchants in souks, Bazars, and stores throughout Morocco and worldwide. We also have the best contact with shipping company, so no worries about how far you are, and no matter the quantity you want.

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  • Address : Hay Lablida Chouara, Fes 30030, Morocco
  • Phone : 00212664804050
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