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About Us

Who we are ?

We are Moroccan artisans Factory company located in Fes, we paticipate in  Leather Tanneries of fez and everything concerned with local products.

Leathers are one of our interests in Business domain. Our Craftsmen are professional, they hard work to give a good results and a high quality product ate the end. 

We are helpful team, and we are serious in our work, because we care about customers’ satisfaction. 

Fez tannery’s History

Fez Tannery are one of the most visited sights in Fez Medina. These are the oldest tanneries in the world, operating closely unchanged since the founding of Fez nearly 1000 years ago.

 The Leather Tanneries of fez dates back at least 9 centuries. Besides, the Leather Souq (Market) is one of the interesting places in Fez and the oldest leather tannery in the world. When approaching the tannery the smell gives you the impression that something different is about to appear. The smell sticking to the terrace from where all the activities can be viewed for all the visitors.

Leather Tanneries of fez

The stink is worth bearing as the view over the terrace, which permits you to see a site that has not been changed since the 11th century. The city of Fez is Morocco’s third largest city, it was founded in the 8th century, and now it is home to over one million people. The city has a special traditional character, especially the old town or the medina called Fes el-Bali that has barely changed for centuries.

Fez is also known by its leather products and most of it, comes from the leather bazaar (souq). The souq (market) is the home to three olden leather tanneries, the largest and the ancient is the Chouara Tannery, which is almost a thousand years old.